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Hi, I'm Zoha!

I'm a New York City-based freelance writer. Most recently, I was a News Fellow focused on explanatory reporting at FiveThirtyEight/ABC News based out of the New York and Washington bureaus. Prior, I worked on a strategy analytics team at the New York Times. My coverage experience and interests span stories that explore American politics, international affairs, culture, technology, race, gender or — most ideally –  a convergence of any of these. 

Throughout college, my internship experiences included reporting on the digital breaking news teams of CNN in Hong Kong and VICE in New York. I graduated from Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Science in 2019, with a B.S. in Computer Science and minor in English and Comparative Literature. 

My academic background in computer science, though not formally journalism, has only contextualized my reflections on the spread, access and consumption of information. This foundation has fortified me with deep respect and knowledge (and, admittedly, sometimes a little fear) for how technology both cultivates and challenges news, all of which I believe only urges me to be a better journalist.

My pursuits in media remain, as always, anchored in an instinct to tell stories that haven’t been told and retell stories that haven’t been told with justice.

I'm always looking for ways to connect, collaborate and create. Reach out to me at

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